Bayern Munich won the Champions League with full victory

Bayern Munich winning the Champions League in the 2019/20 season is very deserving of winning 100 percent of the games in a single season. Bayern Munich and PSG competed for the championship in the Champions League final.

Coman was the only change for Bayern Munich compared to the win at Lyon in the semi-finals. And he was the factor that made the difference with his header hitting the ground in the early second half. He took the German side to the throne in the C1 of Champions League in a bizarre season because of Covid-19.

The two teams produced an exciting match with many opportunities created. It was the team that took advantage of the better and won 1-0, Coman was the only goal scorer of the match. In the first half, the two teams were quite open, but they could not take advantage of the opportunities. In the second half, the speed of the game decreased. Both teams play cautiously, waiting for the opponent’s mistake.

Kehrer has one to two in the back. Observing very quickly, Kimmich hung the ball and hit Coman’s position so that the French player hit his head diagonally from the far angle, making Navas’s flight effort meaningless.

Bayern Munich won the Champions League in the 2019/20 season very well. Accordingly, they are the first team in the history of the European Cup of Champions League to win 100 percent of the matches in a single season.

The German football giants won 11 games, scoring 43 goals in total. Robert Lewandowski is the best striker of the season with 15 goals. This is the 6th time Bayern Munich has won the highest European football league at club level.

With 27 points, they are in 16th place, the position to kick the play-off to relegate the Bundesliga while the team behind, Bremen play less than 1 game.