Bruno Fernandes is mad at the young star of Man Utd

A source from The Times said Bruno Fernandes was not satisfied with the unprofessional attitude of young talent Mason Greenwood. According to The Times, Bruno Fernandes was very upset and even mad at the attitude of young star Mason Greenwood on the training ground.

The British player proved too superficial in training before the match with Everton. Mason Greenwood was indifferent in situations of need to move. Even many sources believe that this player is having health problems due to frequent lack of sleep.

Mason Greenwood’s attitude also makes coach Solskjaer unhappy. Therefore, he was not on the list of Man Utd players who marched to Everton’s Goodison Park Stadium.

Some sources close to Man Utd said that Mason Greenwood is disappointing to the people at the club. Despite the great potential for growth, this player did not try.

If you want to be a good player, Mason Greenwood needs to make efforts and sacrifice many other pleasures. Falling into play at a young age made many English football prodigies in the past unable to develop as expected.

This is not the first time, the British press has spoken out about Mason Greenwood’s lack of professionalism. The Daily Mail also revealed that the young talent was removed from the match against Newcastle and PSG for undisciplined.

During the previous British team rally, the 2001 star was expelled after being caught up in a scandal with a girl calling in a hotel. Whatever the reason, Mason Greenwood’s marked decline is undeniable. The 18-year-old has not scored any Premier League goals this season. That made him gradually lose the trust of coach Solskjaer.

The newspaper stressed that Mason Greenwood was overly disliked by fans at Man Utd. This player often comes to practice late and makes coach Solskjaer angry.

After that, the Norwegian teacher explained the reason for the Mason Greenwood type due to injury. Although in previous training sessions, this player still appeared to practice with his teammates.