Champions League – Where Mourinho finds himself

The Portuguese coach dedicates his heart, talent and enthusiasm to the UEFA Champion League. The national team cannot afford to buy the best players. So the competitiveness cannot be overcome by the Champions League.

Perhaps this is too outrageous. When at times, is the power of the colors of the shirt even greater than what money can buy? Mourinho has his own reason.

Mourinho - như một dòng sông đã qua đời - VnExpress Thể thao

Mou doesn’t need the most expensive players to make the strongest team. He chose the most effective player, promoting the maximum, tactics on the field. Effectively, that’s what a special person is after. He liked strict calculations, sometimes called pragmatism.

Sometimes it is to blame for objective reasons, they do not believe. They force themselves not to believe. Sometimes we have to be fair to the Special One, to what he is devoted to world football. Talent makes a difference, he has the right to be proud of what he has.

Step into the world of Real, Galacticos and the stars. Increasingly, Mou asserted his talent. The first is to mount the brightest stars in Europe. Each has a personality, and superstars have even more powerful personalities.

From a technical point of view, no one can doubt it. Only with Real recently, more and more, they are more fans of El Clasico. No one-sided or easy victories for Barca.

Jose Mourinho tranh Achraf Hakimi với Chelsea

Even in the last 2 El Clasico matches, Real can see a remarkable attacking kick, especially in the second leg. If Higuain was sharper at every opportunity, the Catalan giant would have had a humiliating day. The difference comes from the Special One!

The two loners who lost and defeated chose UEFA Champions League as their life and death arena. And this seems to be really Mourinho’s favorite food. Perhaps, he will do everything to wash the humiliation before Bayern Munich. He could once again raise the prestigious trophy, to assert his special football philosophy.