Chelsea are under suspicion of the Champions League title race

Chelsea strategist Frank Lampard is no longer calm. He scolded his students after losing to Arsenal with a score of 1-3. Chelsea is unstable. They lost 3 of their last 5 Champions League matches. After Everton, Wolves, even Arsenal knocked the Blues down.

The truth comes after Chelsea’s 1-3 defeat to Arsenal. The Blues are probably not the team to challenge the Champions League title. They are still far behind Liverpool in terms of class. The London representative also lacked the necessary stability and ruthlessness to overcome all opponents.

In Chelsea’s long slip, there was a big mistake from coach Lampard. The Blues captain had no intentions or plans when choosing the starting lineup. Meeting Arsenal, Lampard confusing fans with the decision to use Timo Werner.

Werner and Havertz are the expensive signings of Chelsea, a serious team with ambition to win the 2020/21 season. And leaving this duo on the bench can be a huge waste.

In modern football, not everything that sparkles is gold. However, Lampard is haunted by the transfer price of Werner and Havertz at Chelsea. He always tries to put 2 cards into the team, even though their performance is not really impressive.

In the London derby, Lampard is no longer patient with Werner. He withdrew former Leipzig star from the field just after the halftime break.

The French midfielder is one of the rare bright spots on the field. He has a passing rate of 84 percent accuracy, has 1 winning situation in the air dispute and 3 successful tackles.

At Chelsea, Giroud is very strong in dogfight situations. However, the French striker was ignored. Werner and Havertz are not poor quality players. However, they do not have the fullness and high form they currently have.

It’s time Lampard woke up and realized the true worth of Werner and Havertz. And the most suitable seat for them is the bench. From Werner to Havertz, they have not met the expectations of the fans and the club.

Hakim Ziyech has a few shining games, but the midfielder has weak legs, making him vulnerable to injury. Mistakes also began to creep into the games of Thiago Silva and Edouard Mendy following a strong start at Stamford Bridge.