Coach Wenger underestimates Barca and Real

Arsene Wenger, former Arsenal captain, rated Bayern Munich as the strongest European club. In addition, Wenger coach also shared about Erling Haaland, the emerging striker in the Dortmund shirt.

He said: “Haaland has scored many goals. That’s exactly what he does. Haaland is an aspiring player. Coach Lucien Favre certainly likes to work with Haaland and can help this young striker improve again”.

At this time, Mr. Wenger is no longer involved in coaching for any team. Former Arsenal manager is the global football director of FIFA. He revealed that he focused his best on this job and had no intention of returning as a coach.

Many authors have written dozens of books Arsenal and Wenger. However, the autobiography written by the football world’s top coach is always in another place. Arsene Wenger has created the revolution that changed English football.

Throughout his life, Wenger has turned himself into a loner because of the sport of kings. At the age of 48, he became a father. Wenger liked the idea of ​​picking up his suitcase and going to new lands where he gave him football challenges.

Wenger was in France, Japan and England during his football years. Wherever he went, he tried to find really quiet places. Wenger used to live in loneliness. He divorced his wife at the age of 66.

Wenger insisted that during 36 consecutive years working as a coach, he had thought about stopping and changing. But his special connection with Arsenal held him back.

His affections with Arsenal made it difficult for Wenger to take the lead of another club. Wenger declined Lyon’s invitation. Now the former French coach regrets that decision. “I thought it was a bit early to come back, I still have aftershocks after leaving Arsenal. Now I know I was wrong ”.