Favourite Teams to Win the 2020 Champions’ League

It’s another season of Europe’s elite football competition, the UEFA Champions’ League. The competition has already entered the knock out stages, and debate is already on about who is likely to win it. Here’s a look at the teams that are well poised to take it.


The Reds from Merseyside are on a roll. They are the defending champions, but they don’t look like they are done yet. After winning the last edition by eliminating Barcelona and beating Tottenham in the final, they are making a strong run again. Liverpool is having an almost perfect season in the English Premier League and is looking to replicate the same in Europe. Under manager Jurgen Klopp and with world-class players like Salah, Mane and Van Djik, they look strong enough to go the distance.

Real Madrid

After winning the cup thrice in a row, Zinedine Zidane stepped aside as Real’s coach, only to return a little over a year later. The Spanish side looks to be making its way back to the top, and their performances so far are indicative of continental champions.


There’s going to be another Spanish side making a shot at the Champions League. Barca appears to be in a transition in the coaching department. Still, with the likes of Messi, Suarez, Dembele and Gerrard Pique in their ranks, there is no reason why they shouldn’t compete against anyone.

Bayern Munich

This is not their strongest domestic season, but their form does not appear to have dimmed Bayern’s chances in Europe. The German side is well into the current round and will be looking to make good work of their opponents to proceed. They have already said that they won’t be keeping Philippe Coutinho beyond the current season, but the Barcelona loanee could just change their minds with a positive Champions’ League contribution.