Greenwood may be under a warning for indiscipline in Champions League

In the last two matches of MU against Newcastle and PSG, striker Mason Greenwood was absent for unknown reasons. According to The Guardian, Man United has been unhappy with Greenwood’s recent lack of professionalism.

The mature striker from the Carrington furnace is constantly late at training sessions. The MU coaching board has asked Greenwood to be more responsible.

In the match MU against PSG in the Champions League group stage, Greenwood did not move with the team to France. British media questioned the decision of coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, because Greenwood was not injured.

The young British star was also absent from the MU match against Newcastle 4-1 in the Premier League last weekend. When asked about the student, coach Solskjaer believes that Greenwood is disciplined.

He affirmed that Greenwood had some problems and hoped that his students would settle down soon. Last season, Greenwood scored 17 goals for MU.

Experts rated Greenwood as one of the most worth watching young players in the Premier League. MU fans expect this striker to have a breakthrough development to keep a firm position in the MU team.

For a long time, Marcus Rashford was not one of the most expected people. Of course, the coaches at the Manchester United academy knew that Rashford was talented. They found him gifted and a desire to succeed. However, he is not the greatest talent.

Still, Greenwood is kicking off the season with a series of problems. In the gathering of England in September, Greenwood first appeared. However, striker MU and Phil Foden caused a scandal that led two girls to the England station. Coach Gareth Southgate decided to exclude 2 players from the team composition.

Greenwood made three appearances in the Premier League, but has not yet scored. In the MU team, Greenwood is competing with Juan Mata and Daniel James for the main position.