Luis Suarez’s new challenge

The Uruguayan striker will continue his conquest with a two-year contract at Atletico Madrid. Luis Suarez went to Atletico, wearing the number 9 shirt, the responsible shirt when he was 33 years old. And perhaps, this will be the last journey of an exciting football life, a life with both peaks and controversial abysses.

All the history he has left behind at Barca, Liverpool, Ajax and both Groningen and Nacional shows that Atletico has a very good contract. Six million euros for a person who can still score 20 goals per season is really too cheap right now.

Suarez’s life is a long chain of asserting himself in the position of someone who has not been accurately evaluated. If he did not struggle to assert himself as a star, Suarez would have to work hard to prove he was not as accused.

His outbursts at Groningen at the age of 19-20 caught the attention of Ajax Amsterdam. Ajax have no doubts about his level as Hans Nijland has shown on Nacional’s pitch. However, the story he went to Ajax. It is true that Ajax paid Suarez 6 times the salary Groningen actually paid. But it was not Suarez who left Groningen for money as one thought.

Few people know that in Dutch football there is a strange transfer law. That is when a bigger club, with a Champions League slot, next season wants to buy players from a smaller club. And they are willing to pay double the salary they are enjoying for that player.

The smaller club will be obliged to sell. Groningen practically knew they would have to sell to Ajax, when Ajax offered 5 million euros. However, they have been scheming to make more than that. However, no Groningen fans knew about this story at that time. In the Netherlands, clubs still have a tradition of farewell and gratitude when the player leaves. As for Suarez, in Groningen there was no goodbye.