Mourinho was promised 20 million euros reward

Coach Jose Mourinho would receive a bonus of up to 20 million euros for helping Man Utd win the Champions League. After appointing coach Jose Mourinho to the hot seat, Man Utd is expected to spend a large amount of money.

Special person rebuilding strength for the team. The Portuguese military had a plan. The changes of MU will gradually be revealed in the summer transfer period here.

Jose Mourinho tranh Achraf Hakimi với Chelsea

In order to encourage the new captain, the Manchester United leadership gave a big reward to coach Jose Mourinho. Accordingly, in the next 3 years, if the Portuguese leader helps the Red Devils win the Champions League, he will receive a reward of up to 20 million euros.

The award is not small, but compared to the Champions League title, it is worth what Man Utd spent. Since former strategist Sir Alex Ferguson retired, the Red Devils have not had any significant titles other than the FA Cup championship last season.

In the season, Man Utd does not even have a place in the Champions League. In the signed contract, Man Utd also paid up to 10 million euros for coach Jose Mourinho. With this income, the Special One will become the 2nd highest paid coach in the English Premier League after Pep Guardiola of Man City.

Jose Mourinho has officially become the manager of Man Utd. He will continue the work that his predecessor Van Gaal left. This winger is aggressive, technical and efficient.

Jose Mourinho tranh Achraf Hakimi với Chelsea

In addition the ability of Willian’s free kick is also very respectable, something that Man Utd lacked in the past few seasons. Known to convince Chelsea, Man Utd will spend 60 million pounds for the deal.

The Frenchman had an impressive season. He scored 31 goals and helped Atletico into the Champions League final. This is considered the basis for NHM Man Utd to believe that Mourinho can successfully recruit the striker. This is also the position that MU would like to enhance this summer.