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Underdogs that have Won the UEFA Champions League

While the UEFA Champions League is considered the league of the mighty, several underdogs have basked in the glory, overcoming the top teams in Europe. Discussed below are small teams that have won the big-eared trophy. Red Star Red Star was

Top UEFA Champions League Scorers

The UEFA Champions League is the most prestigious league in the history of football. In this article, we have discussed the top scorers in the history of the tournament. Cristiano Ronaldo Cristiano Ronaldo, currently playing for Juventus club is a Portuguese

Best Teams in UEFA Champions League History

Since the UEFA Champions League was founded, a total of 22 teams have held this title. Some have held it once like Chelsea, and Aston Villa while others have held this title more than once. Discussed below are teams that have

3 Teams that Haven’t Won the Champions League

You will agree with me that the UEFA Champions League is the most prestigious trophy when it comes to club football. With this cup, it’s not just about winning it, qualifying to play in the tournament is a hurdle. While most

About UEFA Champions League

The UEFA Champions League or the Europe Cup is under the Union of European Football Association (UEFA). The league is held every year, and the top-division European Clubs contest in this competition. Discussed below is the history and all you need