The Favourite English Teams to Win the Champions League

After the draw for the last 16, the title holders Liverpool FC and Manchester City FC are favourites to win the 2019/2020 Champions League. Other English teams have qualified for the previous 16, but they are not seen as favourites in this league.

Top two Premier League giants are also dominating the Champions League. Manchester is to overcome a strong team Real Madrid if they are to advance to the quarter-final. Liverpool is also scheduled to play Atletico Madrid, a challenging side. However, the English clubs can advance to quarter-final given the depths of their teams.

The English quartet is completed by the other two teams which include Tottenham FC and Chelsea FC. The quartet from English teams will have to compete with two teams from France, one from Italy, four from Spain, and three from Germany.

Bookies Odds for the Favourite English Teams

For the 2019/2020 champions league, Manchester City has been the favourite English team to win this competition. They are competing at odds of 7 – 2 since the start of the season. Manchester City has a manager who is looking to add a third Champions League trophy to his cabinet. He already has two champions league trophies he won with Barcelona FC.

At bookies such as bet365, you will find odds awarded to top teams competing in the 2019/2020. All odds given to these teams are subject to change at any time. However, the odds currently provided by bet365 include the following:

  • Manchester City with 22%
  • Barcelona FC 17%
  • Liverpool FC 20%
  • Paris Saint Germain FC 13%
  • Bayern Munich 13%
  • Juventus FC 8%
  • Real Madrid 5%
  • Tottenham FC 5%
  • Atletico Madrid 3%
  • Chelsea FC 2%

These odds provided by bookmakers are calculated using a betting calculator. Therefore, the 2019/202 Champions League will most likely have outcomes based on the calculated odds.