UEFA Champions League Final: History on Juventus side

So in less than 1 week, the UEFA Champions League final between Real Madrid and Juventus will take place at the Millennium Stadium. After being crowned in La Liga, Zidane’s Real is aiming for the 12th C1 championship in the club’s history. But in order to do so, they must first break the deadly curse that haunts all the defending champions in Europe’s No. 1 club league.

History has shown, no champion has been able to successfully defend the throne in the Champions League. That was since the tournament was officially renamed in the 1992/93 season.

This is not to mention a series of unfavorable statistics for Real Madrid that if you are a neutral fan to look at. They will say that if Real does take the throne this season, it’s no different from a miracle.

Since the C1 Cup was renamed the Champions League, 4 championship teams have come close to breaking the curse when they reached the final one year after being crowned. But then they all have to come to a bitter end.

AC Milan beat Barcelona in the 1993/94 season to win the championship. But 1 year later “Rossoneri” suddenly collapsed painfully before an inferior Ajax in all aspects.

In the 1995/96 season, it was Ajax’s turn to suffer a fateful curse after losing to Juventus on a penalty spot 11 meters. Finally, Manchester United. The British representative also could not escape the cucurse. That’s when he received a 0-2 defeat against Barcelona in the 2008/09 season.

Real Madrid are on that path. Will they rewrite history or will they continue to be buried in this strange flow? Since the birth of the FIFA Club World Cup in 2000, no team has won and then continued to be crowned in the Champions League in the same season. Real Madrid’s mission is to break this next curse.