Villarreal – Real Madrid: The day to decide the future of coach Zidane

Real Madrid marched to Villarreal Stadium in the 10th round of La Liga with many worries. And this match may decide the fate of coach Zinedine Zidane.

From the start of the new season, many doubts have been on Real Madrid. They did not get any significant boost in force during the transfer window, as many of the stars showed signs of decline.

Coach Zidane himself does not have a specific strategy for Real Madrid in the new season and still has trouble shaping tactics. The volatile play in the Champions League shows that they have not had the best preparation for the season they have set their goals.

La Liga seemed to be playing stably against Real Madrid, as they consistently topped the rankings and got an impressive victory over Barcelona. However, after only 3 consecutive rounds, Real Madrid has lost the position they had.

The 1-4 defeat to Valencia at the Mestalla exposed Real Madrid’s weaknesses. The defense is shattered every time opponents counterattack and both Varane and Ramos let mid-range striker Soler set a hat-trick.

Coach Zidane’s success in the 2016-18 period comes from a solid defense, a creative midfield and a sharp attack with C.Ronaldo highlights. But after only 2 years, although most of them are still at the Bernabeu, they are only their own shadow.

Coach Zidane was helpless before the chaos at the Bernabeu and was deadlocked in bringing the team back to glory. No one denies Zizou’s past successes, but the French strategist lacks too much innovation.

The first consequence that Real Madrid suffered is the injury of captain Sergio Ramos. Without his most important defender, Real Madrid is really worried about Villarreal tonight.

Villarreal are ready for a match against Real Madrid at the Ceramica Stadium and their goal is to win 3 points. Coach Unai Emery is experiencing the most perfect start in his career as a coach